Turn-key solutions

Data Storage

Access to your data across systems and services

Seamless integration with existing business processes to provide an effective mechanism to store and analyze data

  • Secured Data Collection
  • Scalable Cloud Solution
  • Databases and Customer Relationship Management

Data Analytics

Get full visibility into your organization

Monitor, forecast, and optimize business operations through powerful interactive dashboards

  • Real Time data visualization
  • Analyze and forecast business trends
  • Business intelligence at your fingertips

Advanced Data Preparation

Make sense of your data by putting it to work for you

  • Quantar’s experts clean and prepare company raw data
  • Realize actionable insights
  • Optimize organizational data practices

Machine Learning

Deploy revolutionary Machine Learning models throughout your organization

  • Complete Machine Learning development solution
  • Build, train and deploy models at scale
  • Extensive network of in-house data scientists




per Month

Core collection of in-house data solutions:

  • Centralized data storage capability
  • Data cleaning services
  • Real time dynamic data analytics



per Month

Advanced Machine Learning for another layer of insight:

  • Includes advanced data cleaning services
  • Includes Machine Learning and AutoPilot solutions
  • Access to a Dedicated Technical Account Manager
Secured Storage:
S3 Buckets
MySQL Connection
Unlimited Capacity
Data Analytics:
Unlimited Usage
Interactive Dashboards
Embeded Analytics
Machine Learning Insights
Anomoly Detection
Forecasting Tool
AI Insights
Live Processes
Data Preparation:
Data Science:
Machine Learning (ML)
AutoML (AutoPilot)
Advanced Data Preparation
Option to purchase
(already included in package)
Machine Learning (ML)
Option to purchase
(already included in package)
AutoML (AutoPilot)
Option to purchase
(already included in package)
Service and Support:
Product Training Materials
Technical Support
Onboarding Support
Dedicated Technical Account Manager